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Space to breathe

Why ComingUp4Air?

The pace, complexity and volume of demands in our daily lives are increasing at an unprecedented rate. Work-time has too often become all the time.


Many of us are familiar with a sense of ‘drowning’ at work, or at home, with myriad responsibilities that threaten to overwhelm us. There is a need to pay attention to the inner world, in order to make the difference we want to in our outer world. Whatever our roles or responsibilities, we all need space to "come up for air", in order to thrive.

Whatever our roles or responsibilities, we all need space to ‘come up for air’ in order to thrive.

The methodology

ComingUp4Air offers coaching, workshops and retreats following 4 unique and transformative ‘Positive Postures’:

  1. Rest with awareness

  2. Reflect with acceptance

  3. Restore with alignment

  4. Reset with agility

Positive Postures infer a way of being rather than a quick fix in order to ‘do more’. Using evidence-based practices participants will be resourced and sustained going forward.

The approach is underpinned by the values of compassion, curiosity, and courage.

Who benefits?

  • Individuals or teams seeking to build their resilience;

  • Organisations seeking team development or investment in the wellbeing of their employees;

  • HR professionals seeking a deeper understanding of employee wellbeing.

"This programme has given me a new perspective on work and home life,

some key ideas about looking after my inner self, as well as tools to strengthen how I deal with customers.” 


Housing Manager, Berwickshire Housing Association

What to expect

Each programme is designed to give participants the space and the means to slow down, connect with their ‘real selves’, and return to life, and work, with renewed energy and focus.

ComingUp4Air provides the conditions to bring you to the surface and the resources to breathe well again.

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