About ComingUp4Air

After working with hundreds of people, I noticed common threads holding them back from living and leading well.


Too often caught in a cycle of activity and busyness, many people have lost the ability for stillness and the richness that comes from listening to our inner wisdom.

A busy mind is a bigger problem than a busy inbox.

In order to serve the many around me who were navigating exhaustion and a disconnect from their authentic selves, I embarked upon research into wellbeing, resilience and leadership. As a coach and resilience practitioner, I work with leaders, parents, men and women,  who want to develop more connected, present and resourceful ways of operating.

Through ComingUp4Air, I offer both the methodology and the space for individuals and teams to interact with robust research, explore in creative settings and return to life and work refreshed and more resilient.

Five years on, I have distilled the most impactful of these resources into a holistic approach to wellbeing through 4 ‘Positive Postures'.


Each posture is accompanied by a range of evidence-based practices.


Participants connecting with ComingUp4Air report increased resilience and a sustained sense of wellbeing.